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Why Intern?

The job market is tight and the fact is we all need to get-in where we can fit-in. Graduates are scrambling to find a job but that is not going to be easy. Employers are expecting more from graduates than they did a couple years ago. One thing that has not changed is the employer's desire for experience. One way to get experience is through internships. Internships can be an advantage to you in many ways.

First, an internship will give you the experience that so many employers are looking for. Noooo..., you will not get an executives position, but you will be better qualified than some of your fellow recent graduates. You may get real world experience in areas that you are not learning in school. It may be with software that your classes don't cover or methods of solving problems that you didn't previously learn. You actually might get to find out why you need to the Pythagorean Theorem or maybe not. But you do get the experience.

Secondly, an internship is the way for you to network and networking is important. Networking allows you to rub shoulders with people that do what you want to do and know those that do what you want to do. Many jobs are often obtained in the hidden job market, jobs that are not publicly advertised. Who gets these hidden jobs? Somebody who knows somebody.

Thirdly, you can get a great reference for when you apply for jobs in the future. If you prove yourself well you will most likely get a glowing recommendation from the company you interned. In fact, you may actually get a job with the company. They know you and have already established a relationship with you. They also see the skills and abilities that you will bring to their business.

Fourth, most internships offer the opportunity to earn credits from your school. So an internship can be thought of as an elective class.

Fifth, an internship can be paid. That just speaks for itself.

Most importantly, you will find out if this career that your going to school for and shelling out thousands of dollars for is really for you. You can switch your major now instead of wasting years in a job you cannot stand. Instead of coming back to school to shell out thousands more dollars to pursue the career you really like.
Why not intern?

By Sheena Salmon


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