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Internship Searches
Making the Most of Your Internship(s)

Career counselors, employers, and others have long touted the importance for college students to work one or more internships during their college years, and a recent study released by the shows that college students are listening: almost 9 out of 10 (86 percent) college graduates reported completing at least one internship, and more than two-thirds (69 percent) reported completing two or more internships.

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Why An Internship?

The job market is tight and the fact is we all need to get-in where we can fit-in. Graduates are scrambling to find a job but that is not going to be easy. Employers are expecting more from graduates than did a couple years ago.

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How to Find Your Ideal Internship

Congratulations! By reading this article you are taking the necessary steps for achieving greater career and job-search success upon graduation from college. Internships are invaluable learning experiences for college students -- and almost a necessity for any college graduate. Employers are demanding that college grads have “real world” experience, and internships are one of the best ways for college students to get that experience.

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