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You know exactly what kind of career you want. Your resume is perfect. You've forced your friends to spend hours asking you practice interview questions. Everything is in order - except you don't know how to go about finding the job openings

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Job listings rarely read, "Wanted: Philosophy majors specializing in Socrates," or "Calling all English majors for top jobs at high-profile firm," or "Were you a history major? Earn six-figures for performing intellectually fulfilling work."

If you are a liberal arts major, targeting potential employers and marketing yourself may seem a monumental, if not impossible, task. You should have majored in electrical engineering, right?

Wrong. Sure, your technically-trained friends generally don't have much trouble determining which employers to target and how to showcase their tangible skill sets. But, with a savvy approach to getting a job, you are just as likely as a computer science major to find meaningful work. And, best of all, your liberal arts degree generally isn't limiting: You have the freedom to do nearly anything they want.

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