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Scholarship Scam or Valuable Service -- How Is One To Know?

Let's be adult here and face this issue head on. Scam. It's an ugly word. But it's been in the press a lot lately. Every scholarship site and government site has a warning about fee-based scholarship services. "If you have to pay money to get money, it's probably a scam," they warn ominously. "Spend the time, not the money" is another one that really sounds good until you think of services you pay someone to perform because you don't have time.

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Designing a Scannable Resume

What happens when you create a beautiful paper résumé and mail or fax it to a company that scans résumés into a computerized database instead of forwarding it to a hiring manager for review?

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Why An Internship?

The job market is tight and the fact is we all need to get-in where we can fit-in.

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Test Preparation:


Ways to Save on your test prepartion.
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